Make Diagnostic Plots of Data in DART-CAM6 Zarr Stores

Create and Connect to a Dask Distributed Cluster

Run the cell below if the notebook is running on a supercomputer with a PBS Scheduler. If the notebook is running on a different parallel computing environment, you will need to replace the usage of PBSCluster with a similar object from dask_jobqueue or dask_gateway.

Find and Obtain Data Using an Intake Catalog

Open catalog and produce a content summary

Load data into xarray using the catalog

Show the chosen Zarr store attributes

Convert catalog subset to a dictionary of xarray datasets, and use the first one.

Define Plot Functions

Get consistently shaped data slices for both 2D and 3D variables.

Get lat/lon dimension names

Produce Time Series Spaghetti Plot of Ensemble Members

Actually Create Spaghetti Plot Showing All Ensemble Members